Photo Credit: Douglas Duvall

Photo Credit: Douglas Duvall

Erik DiMauro Design is the studio of Erik DiMauro, based out of Beverly, MA.  

Erik is a native of the Bay State, raised in Foxboro, educated at Fitchburg State and residing and working out of Beverly, MA.

Since opening his studio, Erik has been a creative wayfarer.  Working for a wide range of agencies, start-ups, musicians, and professional athletes.  Erik loves baseball, craft beer, good music (there's a difference), Volvo 240, cafe racers, espresso, Autumn, hiking, skiing, and people with opinions.

What Erik says about himself:

"If you work with one graphic designer this year, it must be Erik DiMauro"

"Look out Boston, there's a new sheriff in town... who also designs one heck of a logo!" 

"Graphic design has a new bad boy."

I have never won an award but I did win a poster contest in college.